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Napa Valley Photography Tour


“With such beautiful and famous vineyards…”

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The best way to enjoy Napa Valley is with someone who knows its whereabouts. You can get to the most brilliant of places Napa Valley has to offer. Aaron Wilson, our proud pick for a photographer, was also an excellent tour guide. He knew all the ins and outs of this gorgeous valley and knew where to take us according to the time and season. With 3 children running around the house, my wife and I decided to take a break. A getaway weekend for a little bit of relaxing. But since we were relatively new to the area, we weren’t sure where to go exactly. A friend of ours suggested that we book a photographer as well, to accompany us on a Napa Valley photography tour. This way, we could get some memories made without worrying about where to go next. We had heard so much about the tours Aaron Wilson had to offer and we just could not ignore all those praises. Aaron promised us a full tour of Napa Valley with as many destinations as we like and without any time limit at all. My wife just loved posing for the camera and I thought this would be a good idea to utilize our day. Before that day, I never knew places as stunning as these could exist outside of pictures. The backdrops Napa Valley gave us were absolutely stunning. Here are a few of the most breathtaking locations Aaron took us to:

Beringer Vineyards

This winery offers so much beauty and lush outdoor space that you can easily spend the whole day on this single location for shoots with multiple backdrops. The grounds are so versatile and the setting is just so romantic that it has the power to rekindle the love between every couple out there.

Brix Restaurant and Gardens

This magnificent location combines the classical Napa scenery with an easy access to striking vineyards. It is just so difficult to pinpoint an absolute favorite photography location in the Napa Valley. Especially when you have a tour guide/photographer like Aaron with you, who makes you enjoy each and every moment and makes it even more special.

Countryside Roads
With such beautiful and famous vineyards saturated throughout the dazzling Napa Valley, peaceful, quiet roads can be easy to find. These quiet lanes running around and between the vineyards are just perfect for a spontaneous shoot of a bike riding session and also provide the perfect backdrop for a “stroll-in-the-park” shoot or a picnic session.
You can never go wrong when trying to find a perfect shoot location. Especially if you have Aaron by your side. I never thought I could have forgotten (well, almost forgotten) my own children. But the way Aaron indulged us in his photography shoots, I forgot about everything else that existed in the world. All the troubles, tensions and burdens were nowhere in my mind. It was definitely the best getaway weekend with all credits to Aaron Wilson!

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